Tuesday, August 31, 2010

read.air : How to sort a "Vacances" worth of pictures on-the-go ?

This is the story of a pet project I called read.air.

So the holidays are nearing the end, and I am so happy that I am back to Tokyo for the hot days. When I say I am going to take 3 weeks off, people here dub it "vacances" (read: bakansu) because apparently French people are customary to long holidays, so much so that the name has been borrowed.

More alarmingly, my wife has been gone for 2 months with a borrowed SLR digital camera (thanks to the generous sponsor by the way). So this means that instead of having thousand of pictures piling up in the iphone camera roll, they are now piling up on SD cards. She took around 4 or 5 of these 4Gb cards and since she is experimenting with the camera a lot, there are many many blurry, over/under-exposed, or just failed pictures.

As convenient as the back panel LCD might be, it is not as efficient as handling them from a much more powerful touch device, however I hate it. Also, the designers of the iphone did a perfect job at crippling it as far as interoperation is concerned. So how do you read a SD card with an iphone ? You don't.