Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Standards : How do you like them Apple ? (continued)

So, we are back to our iphone standards woes. If, like my wife, you shoot between 100 and 500 pictures a months, it will still take 20 to 100 months to fill up the camera roll. But that's still a lot to scroll through, so I am making a few Album folders within iTunes, and grouping the pictures by month. Which means that I remove the old pictures from the camera roll. Which also means that when the "10000 glitch" appeared, the camera roll was looking empty for some time until the update. Had to plug the phone to the comp to be sure everything was still there.

So here's the big question : how could we reach 10'000 pictures in the camera roll so quickly ? The answer is, broken software. As I am suspecting more and more after seeing this "10000 glitch", the software quality is much below the anticipated quality from a company as notorious as Apple. I have never owned a Mac, out of hatred. But I have always heard good feedback and was looking forward to that phone from a software point of view.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Standards : How do you like them Apple ?

Okay I have been trying hard to find some funny way to introduce this post, don't worry if you don't think it is (funny).

Actually, there are two reasons why I wanted that funny start, the first one being because it has been a long time since I posted anything -or since I posted at all- and the second one because, I am still not sure if I should post it. I have been wrestling with myself over this, but I believe that accumulated frustration finally triggered the whole thing, so let's go. I will try to explain here how I am getting more and more disappointed by an overrated phone...